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Sex & real estate.  Jeff Turner talks on the emotional side of buying a home.  He shares his feelings as well as a great quote from Marjorie Garber that basically says: If you haven’t ever entered a home and had your heart skip a beat in excitement, you haven’t found your perfect house yet.  Read more.

What’s the value of a home?  Rob Hahn shares his thoughts on a new marketing campaign from one of the big brokerages and why he feels this is a home run for not only the brand, but also the industry.  The ad doesn’t focus on the brand, the business or anything other than why you would own a home.  Read more.

Arguing with idiots.  Amy Chorew shared a great quote with me the other day.  She said: “Do not argue with an idiot.  He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”  Unfortunately at times we find ourselves wrapped up in meaningless quarrels over things of zero importance.  Read more.

We are only 5 weeks away!  That’s right!  Only five more weeks till RETSO 2012 kicks off at the Gwinnett Center!  If you have not yet ordered your tickets and made your hotel reservations don’t delay!  See you in April!