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RETSO is right around the corner.  I know you’ve already registered, because you’re a Doer .

You not only want to rub elbows with real estate industry’s brightest minds and most innovative companies, you want to learn how to put into practice some of the best new tech and business strategies for your real estate business; but you also know that the best party of the year is in the spring in Atlanta.

Make the most of your RETSO experience with a personal schedule

When you visit, click on schedule. If you don’t already have a account, you’ll need to create one, in order to create, save and share your schedule.  Then, simply create your schedule by selecting the sessions you want to attend.


Once you’ve read through the offerings, you can choose the sessions you want to attend and add them to your schedule by clicking on the star.


Here are a few sessions that I’m really looking forward to, which may help you with your schedule-building task:

  • Technology Will Not Inspire Action – with Jeff Turner. There’s no such thing as external inspiration.  Technology doesn’t get an exception. If you’ve never heard Jeff Turner speak, you’re in for a treat. If you have, you know what to expect. Jeff always has something to say that makes you think, sends you away with something to ponder…and let’s be honest, he’s easy on the eyes.
  • In Search of Negative Feedback – with Chris Drayer. It’s passe to talk about it – but it seems as if no one has ever lost a listing presentation. It’s never discussed because no one wants to talk about failure when it happens to them.
    However those lost customers hold what may be our most undervalued asset – negative feedback.
    We ought to be listening to what customers and lost customers have to say, evaluating the data and raising the bar.  “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” – Bill Gates Do you send out feedback requests when you DON’T get a listing or when a buyer client DOESN’T hire you? Maybe you should. Come listen to Chris Drayer to find out why.
  • Why Social Media Makes Us All Miserable – with Matthew Shadbolt. Emerging medical research is now providing insight into the collective chemical and emotional changes taking place in our brains as a result of using social media. Many in the new field of neuroeconomics are concerned that a mobile-enabled, ‘always-on’ era of digital overload is resulting in serious long-term problems regarding learning, information exchange and personal relationships. Matthew Shadbolt is the Director of Interactive Product & Marketing for The Corcoran Group in New York City, and if you want to see how social media is done right for REALTORS, follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. 
  • The Paperless Agent – with Krisstina Wise. Krisstina focuses on the key mobile applications that make it possible for a Realtor to successfully conduct their business paperless. Whether a Realtor is working with a buyer or seller, she will illustrate how specific apps can be used to effectively create and deliver a listing presentation, gather property information, store documents with ease of accessibility, take notes that sync wirelessly between devices, sign forms electronically and deliver them simultaneously, calculate mortgages, store and edit photos, annotate documents, complete contracts electronically and open a variety of documents types from any mobile device without ever having to download. Recently featured by Apple for use of the iPad for real estate and as the official Real Estate Ambassador for Evernote, Krisstina Wise has established herself and The Goodlife Team as one of the cutting-edge teams to watch in our industry.
Also, this year RETSO is offering a special value-added opportunity for 55 lucky attendees on a first-come, first-served basis: BeerPress.  Sponsored by Boomtown!, our first ever BeerPress will feature an opening session from Steve Zenghut of Zeek Interactive and then the forum is open for an unconference format, plus beer and snacks provided compliments of RETSO with locally-made beer from nano startup brewhouse: Reformation Brewery. Delish.
And a little shameless self-promotion. Well, actually, a little promotion for my good friend and rockstar Atlanta chef, Ron Eyester – be sure to check out his restaurants Rosebud (best brunch in Atlanta) and The Family Dog (can you say, fried bologna sandwiches?) while you’re in town:
  • Taking a Page From the Hospitality Industry – with Maura Neill and Chef Ron Eyester. A lively chat with one of Atlanta’s most successful restauranteurs, Ron Eyester, about what it takes to create A+ customer experience design. From creating an amazing, one-of-a-kind customer experience to dealing with negativity in online review channels and social media, there’s a lot that REALTORS can learn from the hospitality business. Ron is a talented chef, a brilliant businessman and restauranteur, and a controversial presence on Twitter – be sure to join us for the lessons you can learn from the hospitality industry. 
retso-share-your-schedule-arrowOnce you’ve crafted the perfect RETSO schedule, be sure to share it with your friends – tweet it out, share it on Facebook, blog about it…just spread the word. Your perfect schedule may be the perfect schedule for someone out there looking to boost their business and become a Doer…like you!