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Here are some tunes to enjoy while reading today’s report:

Ready For The Trip? by Mira Shvangiradze

We all have been guilty at some point or another of promoting our products a little more than we should.  But with the increasing popularity of social media being used in marketing, some companies have overused it to the point where it is like prostitution. Learn how to keep your promotion from turning into prostitution.

Bill Lublin shares a great infographic on social media strategy for startups and everyone else.  So, if you are just getting into social media, this is a great guide to get you started in the right direction.

2012 is still very young, but have we already seen quite possibly the worst use of social media for the year?  If it isn’t the total worst, Boners BBQ is definitely in the top 10 with only 18 days in the year gone. Read about the bonehead moves from Boners BBQ.

Thanks for reading!  One last question to answer down below:  What are you looking forward to most at RETSO this year?