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Steven Fischer, past president of the Georgia Association of REALTORS, wanted to see the best real estate technologies on display at the National Association of REALTORS TradeShow this past weekend.  He just didn’t have the time to walk the entire floor and review them one by one.  So we did it for him (and you).

Top 10 Real Estate Technologies at NAR TradeShow

(in no particular order)

DotLoop: DotLoop is a simple solution with interactive forms, electronic signatures, document management, and everything else required to manage your real estate business from anywhere.

BackAgent: A comprehensive intranet and workflow solution for brokers and agents.

ListingBook: Listingbook is a Client-Centric system versus a Listing-Centric MLS system. By focusing on client communications, Listingbook keeps clients informed on a daily basis about local market activity.

Roost: Let’s face it, the heart and soul of your business is referrals. Social media provides an unprecedented opportunity to increase your network, establish yourself as an expert and stay top of mind — in order to increase that critical base of referral business you rely on. The Roost Social Media Toolkit is built expressly with this purpose in mind.

CloudCMA: the easy way to create amazing reports that help you win more listings and write more offers.

RPR: REALTOR Property Resource, RPR™ is an exclusive benefit to REALTOR® members of NAR. RPR will have no public or consumer access, and will not allow any feeds to third parties. Advanced reporting features will allow the REALTOR® to create custom reports to provide to clients and customers, keeping the REALTOR® in the center of the transaction, armed with tremendous information and analytics, all in one place.

ESRI: Esri offers a comprehensive set of tools, components, and software that enables you to focus on developing and delivering mapping and GIS functionality to your applications.  Best part is their iPhone app.

WiseAgent:  The online solution to all your business and contact management needs.  Easy to use software backed up by unbeatable support.

SmarterAgent:  Private label Smarter Agent and give the full MLS to your customers.

YouMail:  voicemail on steroids.  I personally use this to craft custom greeting for callers and translate all voice to text.

There were certainly other technologies on display at NAR worth considering, but Steven wanted a short list.  For those want more, here is a list of all the real estate technologies on display at NAR:

KWKLY, ListHub, PreVisite, CRS PowerTool, DocuSign, ZipLogix, eNighborhoods, LoneWolf, Qonnect Mobi, Obeo, SCVNGR, Showing Suites, Talk Fusion and Broker Sherpa.