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What’s your most valuable asset when it comes to online marketing? If you said your mailing list, then… your close but incorrect. It’s your relationship with your mailing list that’s paramount.

Unfortunately, email marketing is too often used as a means of simply sending information rather than as a relationship building tool. But, we’re going to remedy that right now and make sure you don’t commit these relationship-tanking email errors…

These are the top relationship building mistakes in email marketing.

1. Broadcast “just listed/sold”

If all you’re doing is emailing “just listed/sold” notices then you’re not marketing, your advertising (poorly).

Look, the first rule of email marketing is getting your email opened… “just listed/sold” emails do nothing for building rapport and basically train your list that all they’re getting are house photos. Whoop-dee-doo. There’s no immediate desire or need to open and read.

Use email marketing to create conversation, not reproduce the MLS.

2. Lack personality and character

The most effective way to draw your list in, build rapport, and convert subscribers into clients is to show your personality. After all, people choose to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

So, if you’re sending “safe” emails because they’re “more professional” then you’re failing with one of the most powerful tools you have in your online arsenal – your relationship with your subscriber list.

Give opinions, stand for something, speak out, put some of “you” into those emails and turn indifferent subscribers into your biggest fans.

3. Abandon your audience

Conversation requires the opportunity for the other person to act. Too often, I receive emails that peak my interest but don’t tell me what I need to do to scratch the itch.

In fact, you’ve dropped the ball if you engage your audience but don’t leverage that attention to move the relationship forward.

If they’ve opened and read your email, they’re interested. Give them something to do next.

4. Keep them in their email reader

If your complete message is contained in the email, you’re losing momentum. Your readers click delete when they’re done and move to the next email in their inbox.

StomperAgents bring readers to their turf – their website, blog, video, etc. Not only does this promote conversation but it builds recognition and authority.

Don’t tell the whole message in your email. Bring them to your domain for the complete message… and more of you.

5. Let them figure it out

Are you letting your audience figure things out on their own? Fail. They won’t do it because they’re too busy/distracted.

Humor me for a second, take a look at the baking soda box in your fridge. It tells you you can also use it in your sink, for cleaning, as toothpaste, in your trashcan, etc. They’re telling you how to consume the product.

You’ll find similar instructions on cereal boxes, seasonings, and even your shampoo (“lather, rinse, repeat“).

Whenever you provide information to your audience, tell them how to consume the information… how can they use this info to benefit themselves. Provide value and help them consume your information

The more value they receive from your communications the more trusted you become.

Without a doubt, your relationship with your list is your richest asset in your online marketing arsenal. Avoid these mistakes and deepen that relationship for bigger returns.

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