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There’s a certain place online that people regard as sacred. It’s their own private garden on the net that, when invited in, you can grow contacts into personal and professional relationships. Yes, even deeper than through social media.

Frankly, it’s not that difficult to find these places. Click through and see how…

Now, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of email marketing. If for no other reason than the fact that it’s the only online marketing that people actually ask for, I recommend every Realtor build themselves a list of email subscribers.

See, even in the age of social media, email is still a person’s private garden. When someone asks to receive your marketing in their inbox, they’re letting you into their personal life.

What happens when you become friends through social media? You start emailing one another. And chances are that people aren’t socially networked with those that are most important in their lives, but they do connect via email.

Email is your fundamental tool online. Nowhere else do folks actually ask for and invite your marketing.

It makes sense then to encourage folks to let you into their inbox so that you can get personal with them. And it’s not hard to do…

All you have to do is send them something interesting at least once a week. That’s 52 contacts a year … intimate contacts.

Are you asking folks to let you into their inbox?