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They stand in front of thousands of raving fans that hang on their every word. Lines form at stores when their new release hits the streets. T-shirts, posters, and patches decorate their evangelists. So, what is it about these rock stars… and can a Realtor command the same crowds?

How do rock stars gain such a rabid following? More importantly, how can YOU harness the same marketing to become a rock star Realtor?

Read on and discover how to apply rock star marketing to real estate…

It’s fascinating, isn’t it? This fascination we have with rock stars… even the ones we “don’t like”.

The rock and roll secret

Being the geek student of persuasion that I am, I recognize that it has less to do with the appeal of the music these rock stars create and more to do with a cult of personality.

Rock stars recognize that their success is built on the adoration of their fan base. The fans drive the success of the rock star by endorsing, evangelizing, and paying them to continue to be rock stars.

So, all savvy-like, the rock star plays to their fans’ desires. They give them the show, the stories, the personality – warts and all.

Maybe it was Ozzy Osbourne, it may have been some other legendary rocker, I can’t recall. But, the insight he shared as to the relationship between rocker and fan was this…

Rock fans live vicariously through the rocker. Deep inside, every rock fan wants to let loose and trash a hotel room every once in a while.

Hence the saying “party like a rock star”. We want to do it like they do it.

Rocking out with real estate

Now, to be become a rock star Realtor doesn’t mean you have to adopt the “rock star lifestyle” and trash a hotel room however it is about lifestyle…

The truth of the matter is that folks don’t necessarily buy a house. They buy a lifestyle.

When folks ask about the neighborhood, schools, proximity to shopping, size of the yard, and make comments such as “this would be nice for entertaining” or “we can all fit in the kitchen” they’re not thinking about the house… they’re thinking of the lifestyle the house makes possible.

So, just like the rock star personifies the lifestyle the fans desire, a rock star Realtor personifies the lifestyle their market wants for themselves.

Obviously, you’ll need to know who your ideal clients are (families, investors, recent college grads) but then it’s simply a matter of injecting some lifestyle into your marketing.

How to have marketing that rocks

For example, if you’re marketing to families and you’re sending out a new listing email you would use copy similar to this:

How long do you think the perfect family home will stay on the market?

Go ahead and check out the video while there’s still time.

In the meantime, I’ve gotta run. I promised my youngest I’d play catch with him in the yard before dinner.

The copy’s pretty simple but it speaks to the interest of my market and then I go on and mention that I’m about to do “family” things – play catch in the yard and eat dinner together. It’s what every person seeking a “family lifestyle” is looking for themselves.

In your blog posts and emails mention the family things that you’re doing – pool parties, barbecues, hiking, sports outings, etc. Heck, include photos.

It’s the lifestyle they’re after and the more you personify the lifestyle they want then the more you “get” them and the better you can help them achieve the same. You’ll win fans and their business. You’ll be their rock star of real estate.

So, are you ready to be a rock star?