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“Nothing is worse than going in the wrong direction, other than going in the wrong direction enthusiastically.”

Frankly, no truer statement could be said in regards to you and your future in real estate. Frankly, it’s all too easy to not only go in the wrong direction but to also be enthusiastic about it.

Enlightenment lies in the answer to a single question.

This post is a result of a number of thoughts, ideas and incidents have been rattling around inside me for a while now.

Now, I’ve been coaching, consulting and training folks in marketing for a number of years and I’ve come to discover that folks basically fit into two schools when it comes to their business.

  1. Those that want to be told exactly what to do, and
  2. Those that grab a concept, bang it around, and make it their own

If all you really needed was “what to do” then you’d already be the top dog in real estate. Period. The internet is full of “how to market my business” info, case studies, insights and services. “What to do” is really that simple.

What not to do in your business

Here’s the thing, if all you do is follow “what to do” then you’re really not building your business. You’re building someone elses.

See, all the “what to do” info and tips out there are in relation to someone else’s business. It’s what worked for them. It may not work for you. In fact, it won’t. Especially if you’re piecing together “what to do” from a bunch of different sources.

Make easy decisions

Back in my day when I was a with FranklinCovey I came across a favorite quote of mine:

You may be faced with thousands of choices, but when you know exactly what you want the decisions are easy.

What you really want

So, the question isn’t “what do you do?” The real question is “what do you want to do and are you willing to do what it takes?”

What kind of business do you want to build? What do you want to get from it? Where do you see it going? How do you want to be a part of it?

These aren’t answers you can gain by asking someone else “what to do.” This is you. Success is a contact sport and you’ll do best when you get in there and skin your knees rather than reading plays from an armchair.

These questions are the fundamental difference between marketing tactics (what you do) and a marketing strategy (what you want).

Gaining clarity

You’ll find that I cover both tactics and strategy here. I like to point things out. Ultimately, though, what I want to give you is a clearer, more decisive view of marketing so that you can apply that clarity to your real estate business.

You went in to real estate to succeed. I want you to succeed. More importantly, your clients want you to succeed. This can’t be done by being someone else’s business. Be your own and be successful and enthusiastic at it.

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