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Marketing was once explained to me as a blend of timing and purpose. If that’s the case then it’s easy to assume the purpose of your real estate blog is to attract readers and convert those eyeballs into clients. But, the timing is a tricky and critical part to your success. So, when should you promote your blog?

When should you promote your blog?

My best recommendation on marketing a new blog is this: WAIT!

Here’s the thing: you have your new blog set up and rockin’ with your first post. You want to share this with the world (“Look, ma!”), get some comments rolling in, and beef up your RSS and email subscribers.

The truth of the matter is, this isn’t the best strategy. One post. Whoopie. Think that’s enough to build a readership?

The Bloggers Rule of 20

Instead, try this approach which may sound counter-intuitive:

Do not promote your blog until you have 20 posts

Here’s the reasoning:

  • 20 posts avoids the anxiety of feeling “forced” to immediately follow-up and deliver with a second post. Write your initial 20 at your own pace.
  • 20 posts allows you time to find your voice and style as a blogger before you reveal yourself to the public.
  • 20 posts should keep you from writing posts just for content’s sake and allow you hone in and the tone of your blog itself.
  • 20 posts qualifies the blogger. If you can write 20 posts on a topic, you’ve probably got a lot more in you to share. If you can’t hit 20, it may be an indication that blogging may not be for you. Either way, it’s good to find that out before you start driving folks to your site.
  • 20 posts is too much content for a new reader to consume on their first visit and gives them a reason to return… even subscribe.
  • 20 posts allows you to learn and iron out any bugs in your publishing platform/software.

In discussing this with Ricardo Bueno he pointed to this post over on ProBlogger that has similar thinking.

As you can see, the purpose here is to build a comfortable and stable foundation for yourself and your blog. One that will attract, interest, and hopefully excite readers.

What are some other blog promotion tips?