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The end of the year is a perfect time to take some downtime and put your creativity to work in video format.  We’ve had twelve months of opportunity building moments that we need to communicate to the public.  

Just as VH1, Entertainment Weekly and even Barbara Walters make lists of “The Top Shocking Moments,” “The Top Movies” and “The Most Influential,” this can be your time to put these types of lists to work for you and your business in video format.  Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

1. The Top 10 Sales In Your MLS

People are NOSEY!  Use your MLS and find the top 10 most expensive closings.  Cut a quick 10 second intro on camera, then transition into the top homes with a well-scripted voiceover.

2. “Insert Your City”s Most Intriguing Homes

Dig for the unique, quirky, history filled homes that sold in 2009 and tell their stories in small vignettes.

3. 2009’s Biggest Bargains

In a sea of foreclosures and short sales, show the consumers what got away this year, then tease them with some good bargains currently on the market to garner the buyer lead.

4. Home Chronicling

Find a historic home on the MLS that has a ton of charm.  Search your MLS as far back as you can for all the times it has closed and chronicle the changes.  It’s especially effective for homes that have been completely renovated with drastic improvements.

5. Tax Credit Winners

Compile a photo/video montage of buyers who benefitted from the $8000 tax credit this year.  Try to get 10 to 20 buyers.  Have them stand outside their home with your sold sign in the yard.  Make a common handmade sign for each of them to hold saying something like “I was smart,” “$8000 Richer” or “I Got My House And My $8000!”  Put them together in a 30 second video with some kick-booty, upbeat music.