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When you’re serious about your social marketing then you need to be working with a results-driven gameplan. Enter Social Media Stomper. Mark Eckenrode, Certified Master of Guerrilla Marketing, shows you an advanced and systematic approach to generating more traffic and converting more leads through social media … without being “that obnoxious self-promotional jerk” or wasting a lot of time.

Below you’ll find the LIVE Social Media Stomper tele-training sessions with all the actionable tactics and optimization techniques to help you better attract, engage and convert more social media traffic. Let’s get started and keep stompin…

Social Media Stomper Quickstart


Social Media Stomper (Module 1 of 4)

Network Strategies – “How To Build a Highly Strategic Network”

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Social Media Stomper (Module 2 of 4)

Content Strategies – “How To Create Content That Converts”

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Additional resources:

Check out this post on increasing conversions in your posts.

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Social Media Stomper (Module 3 of 4)

Syndication Strategies – “How To Attract Targeted Traffic”


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Additional resources:
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Social Media Stomper (Module 4 of 4)

Action Strategies – “How To Win With A Results-Driven Plan”


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Bonus Modules

Social Media Syndication Team

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Email Marketing Strategies


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