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Lesson 01 – Your Social Media Information Hub

In this first lesson you’ll learn how to use a free online tool (one you may even be familiar with) as your hub for “conquering social media.”

It’s quick to set up and will prove invaluable in your online marketing.

Lesson 02 – How To Stay Alert and On Top

The internet does make dreams come true. See, when I was a kid I always thought it would be cool to have ESP and know what other people were thinking. Now we can…

In this video you’ll discover how to peek into the mind of your market – to know their dominant frustrations, dreams and what’s most important to them. When you know these things it because infinitely easier to connect with them and build rapport.

Clearly, this will help you build a better business.

Lesson 03 – Tapping Into Tweets

All I need to know I learned from a little bird.

Seriously, similar to last lesson where you learned how to apply a little ESP to the web you can also do the same thing with Twitter.

The benefit is that Twitter gives you real-time conversations that enable you to spot trends and branding opportunities.

You have to agree, this will help drive any business. Star by watching this video…

Lesson 04 – More Gold Mining

Building on our previous lesson, this lesson’s video is going to show you another way to mine gold from your market.

See, all this information gathering will help you…

  • Attract prospects with content they want to read
  • Win people’s hearts and minds with your marketing
  • Quickly build rapport in your conversations

So, here’s the video for today. It’s a short one but definitely take time out to watch it now.

Lesson 05 – Using Twitter to Win Business

Small town or metro area, Realtors are winning business with social media.

Now, before you get to winning business there are some tweaks to be made to your profile. We’ll show you what and where and then you’ll discover some powerful tools to connect with social media enthusiasts in your local market.

Lesson 06 – Leveraging Other People’s Blogs

Online, content is king. That’s why blogs are so darn powerful – they’re content machines. Google loves them and people turn to them as resources.

Now, I realize that if you’re just starting out you may not have a blog but here’s the great thing:

You don’t need to have a blog to reap some of their rewards. That’s what today’s lesson is about.

You’ll learn how to leverage other people’s blogs to boost your visibility and credibility in the market. If you have a blog of your own then this lesson is even more powerful.

Lesson 07 – Hooked Up on LinkedIn

How would you like to get introduced to your ideal prospect? How about making it easy for folks to publicly recommend your services?

Yeah, that’s all really good stuff and Linked-In makes it easy for all this to happen.

Isn’t it nice to know that aside from all the “casual” social networks out there that there’s one with a professional emphasis?

In this video you’ll see how to start getting the most out of Linked-In.

Lesson 08 – Building Your Facebook Community

While Linked-In is the “professional” social network, Facebook is the “casual” network. And it’s arguably the largest social network out there.

To a social media marketer that simply means there are lots of folks looking to connect with people just like you. Not only that but they’re more than willing to join in on your conversations.

Chekc out today’s video and get started with your own Facebook community:

Lesson 09 – Driving Traffic With Flickr

Most Realtors take a ton of photos so it’s nice to know that you can leverage those photos beyond your listing descriptions.

How’s more traffic to your website sound? Yeah, we all want that and Flickr helps you use all those photos as a traffic magnet.

It’s actually quite simple and in today’s video you’ll see what to optimize. Check it out…

Lesson 10 – Making Social Video Work For You

YouTube continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Heck, video is huge online and Google, the owners of YouTube, keep optimizing their video sharing service to make it a more powerful for you.

Beyond simply posting your video to YouTube there are a few ways to tweak your video tags and descriptions to better serve your marketing. And it’s actually quite simple.

Lesson 11 – Online and Offline Communities

There’s a lot of discussion around “creating communities” both online and offline but did you know you can have both?

No kidding. In today’s video you’ll learn how to find these groups of people in your local area who not only gather online but offline, too.

Imagine the connections you can build with these people. The best part is… they’re looking for you to join them!

Lesson 12 – Getting Your Theme Right

Are you a blogging jack of all trades or a master?

See, when it comes to blogging there’s one thing that’s sure to kill your results and that’s trying to write content that appeals to everyone.

What really helps to build yourself a community of fans is to master a theme for your blog and in today’s video you’ll get some insight into how to do exactly that.

The cool thing is that your market will give you all you need to become their expert.

Lesson 13 – The Key to Compelling Content

It’s easily one of the most common questions Realtors have…

“What kind of content should I put on my blog?”

In fact, you may be asking this question yourself. Well, you’re in luck because today’s video covers two of the main content types and how to best use them.

Lesson 14 – Making Multimedia Content

With sites like YouTube and Hulu as some of the most visited media sites online it’s no wonder your visitors respond well to multimedia content.

You’re going to enjoy today’s video on how you can leverage multimedia content on your website…

Be sure to note the tips given because as prevalent multimedia is online, it’s easy to use incorrectly.

Lesson 15 – Content Syndication Secrets

Who else wants to attract more eyeballs to your website?

There’s more to it than simply adding content to your blog – you need to syndicate your content across the major social media networks.

The good thing is that it’s not near as difficult as it sounds and in today’s video you’ll see exactly how to do it.

We all want more people to find our content and become our personal evangelists. Today’s video will help.

Lesson 16 – Building a Targeted Community

With sites like Twitter and Facebook it’s really not hard to connect with people. For the most part it’s as easy as sending them a message and chatting away.

But, with sites like StumbleUpon and Tipd the process is a bit different. And, to be frank, the users on these communities can be more valuable than those found on “contact networks.”

Check out this video to see how to win supporters and create a community on these other networks.

Lesson 17 – Build Your List of Leads

Now that you know how to use your blog be sure to keep in mind this important fact…

“You are not a blogger. You are a Realtor that happens to blog.”

Bloggers try and build RSS subscribers but as a Realtor it’s far more valuable to build yourself a list of email subscribers.

In this video you’ll learn the importance of building your email list and how to go about doing it…

Lesson 18 – How to Love Your List

Make no mistake, your email subscribers can become raving fans provided you know how to follow-up with them in the correct manner.

In this video you’ll learn which emails you MUST include in your follow up campaign and, just as importantly, how to talk with them in your emails.

This is a critical lesson in converting your subscribers into fans and clients.

Lesson 19 – Why You Should Put Ads On Your Site

Offline and online, they’re all over the place. Ads are simply a part of the everyday experience but do they make sense for your real estate blog?

Actually, ads make a lot of sense for your blog. In today’s video I’ll show you why and how to use them to create a better blog.

Lesson 20 – Elements of an Effective Adwords Ad

If you think Google is all about search results then you may be missing out on quite a bit of qualified traffic.

See, while everyone’s trying to get good rankings with the pages and posts, a number of Realtors are winning with Google AdWords.

Check out this video on how to create better, more compelling ads on Google AdWords…

Lesson 21 – Get More Action With Better Calls

What’s the difference between a horse and your website visitors?

You’ve heard the saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Sometimes it feels that your visitors aren’t much different…

You’re getting folks to visit your site but nobody’s taking action.

Luckily, there’s something you can do about it.

Check out this video to learn how to better use your calls-to-action…

Lesson 22 – Produce Newsletters Your Subscribers Enjoy

They’re a scourge in your inbox. Freakishly formatted, graphically gross, and content deprived. And no, I’m not talking about spam, either… though I might as well be.

See, many Realtors send out email newsletters but not all of them send newsletters that are worth reading. In fact, the newsletters some agents send do them more harm than good.

In this lesson you’ll learn several tips on how to produce newsletters that your subscribers will actually enjoy.

Lesson 23 – Get Better Search Engine Results From Your Blog

A mentor of mine would always tell me, “You could be giving away diamonds but if nobody knows about it, at the end of the day you still have diamonds.”

Makes a lot of sense considering you pour your expertise into your blog posts. You want traffic – folks to come and read, learn, and share your content with others. And, of course, you want business.

In this video you’ll learn a few tips on how to better leverage your blog and your posts in order to gain some extra love from Google.

Lesson 24 – Google Docs as a Marketing Tool

Google has given you a powerful marketing tool… and they didn’t even know it.

In today’s video check out how you can use their Docs tool to better connect with your market’s hearts and minds.

Sure, you can use the tool the way it was originally intended but you don’t want to miss the savvy use of this powerful tool.

Hey, you’re sharing great info on your blog. This video will help make sure more people find all that value.