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In today’s edition of RETV we are joined by Brian Gubernick of Homehelper Consultants and we will be discussing the biggest challenges facing short sale agents today.

Brian Gubernick and his team have closed over 500 short sales over the last few years. They not only know how to get short sales done, they are on top of all the latest trends and facts in the short sale industry.

In this interview Brian discusses:

  • What trends he is seeing
  • Increase of foreclosures
  • Why he think Fannie Mae and Feddie Mac are involved in that increase
  • An increase in more cash contributions being asked for by banks
  • How he prepares his clients for these changes
  • Upcoming training.

Speaking of the upcoming training Brian is joining Fred Weaver and Kevin Kauffman of Group 46:10 and Short Sale Power Hour for a new training program in January.

Uncensored training is not your basic introduction to short sales class, to get the most out of this class you should have closed a few short sales and be actively working them. The program will be on January 21st, 2011 in the Scottsdale area.