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Let’s face it, with the recent change in the economy, we all love things that are good deals or even free.  But as Mike Mueller points out in a recent post, sometimes things that are free come with big strings attached that can cost you in the long run.  He shares about a company that offered a free product on Facebook.  It built a huge following and then decided it would start charging a few thousand dollars each year.  Sometimes, there is Trouble With Free

What Are Hashtags “#” on Twitter?

As RETSO continues to draw closer you may be seeing more and more people using the abbreviation #RETSO.  Well, if you are wondering what that means or how you can track what others are saying about the upcoming event, Ken Cook wrote a good post explaining hashtags and what they mean on Twitter.

Have You Found My iPad?

Do you own an iPad or iPhone?  Ever had one stolen or lost?  I’ve heard numerous stories of them being stolen at a coffee shop, or lost in an airplane from friends in the past.  Well, Apple is trying to help you recover them with their Find my iPad application.  You can track the GPS of your device, lock it, wipe the hard drive, or send nasty messages to the thief. Check out Have You Found My iPad?

RETSO Radio Discusses Network Building With LinkedIn

We are always trying to figure ways to grow our sphere of influence and increase our network of potential clients.  In this week’s episode, Ken discusses network building with LinkedIn.

RETSO Video Gives You Time Saver Tips

Our time is very valuable.  It’s one of the few things in life we can never get back.  So anytime I can figure ways to save the amount spent on work and allocate to fun, I am all for it.  In this episode Dean shares how can Save You Time.