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With the inventions of so many powerful and useful social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, many agents are forgetting about one of the most powerful resources that they have at their fingertips: the phone. This past week Jason Crouch of shared a great post about calling other in his Phone Call Challenge.

You Don’t Need An Elephant To Tie Your Shoes!

Jeff Turner is at it again writing another great blog post.  This time he discusses QR codes and the hype that surrounds them.  I don’t want to share all of the thunder here, so make sure you go read why he says You Don’t Need An Elephant To Tie Your Shoes.

Are You Ironing Only The Front Side of Your Website?

I had a friend recently share how her husband will only iron the front of his shirt if he is in a hurry because he is wearing a coat that nobody will ever see the back half.  Unfortunately too many times we look at our websites the same way.  We forget all about the SEO and social integration components.  Here’s a post on Ironing the back side of your website.

REtechVideo Interviews Mortgage Report Man Dan Green

Dan is someone who keeps track of mortgage rates closer than just about anyone you will ever meet.  He knows what’s happening with them and isn’t afraid to share his predictions.  Take a trip over to RETV and watch Dean give Mr. Green a great interview.

New on REtechRadio

Nada, zip, zilch!  The guys at REtechRadio have taken off till after the holidays.  This is your reminder to take some time away from work related things to spend it with your family & friends.  We hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday season!