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Wonder what terms will be applicable to the real estate industry in the next 10 years?  Here’s a great post from Marc Davison at 1,000 Watt consulting on his favorite words. Of his list, I would say my particular favorite would have to be community.  Without a strong community of friends, family and clients any real estate business is going to be very difficult.  Building a strong community and sphere of influence can be the difference between good and great businesses.  The community is there to help each other.

Agent Reviews by Consumers

As technology and online marketing becomes more and more about empowering the consumer with authentic information from other consumers, user review sites are becoming more and more valuable to someone looking to purchase or sell a home.  In the past there were places like Yelp to read reviews, but Zillow recently released their own version of agent reviews.  This is a way to get personal unbiased reviews from consumers who have worked with real estate agents in the past and read what they thought of them.  If you are wondering if these are going to be important or not, simply read this post by Tech Savvy Agent.

Creating Lead Generation Forms with Google Docs

Ever write a blog post and wish there was an easy way to add a form into it that would give consumers a quick and easy way to fill out a form and collect their information?  Maybe you write about market stats for a community and want to offer consumers a quick sign up to receive your monthly mailing update.  With Google Docs form generator you can create simple easy to use forms that will collect all the data into an excel spreadsheet that you can share with others to view and edit.  I shared an easy tutorial over on my 210 Consulting Blog on using Google Docs to Generate Leads.

REtechVideo Interviews Brian Gubernick

Dean shared a great interview with Brian Gubernick of  They are a company that assist people in the short sale process.  In this interview Brian shares some great info to help you through the process.  Take a few minutes and make sure you watch the interview!

Former RETSO speaker Desiree Scales stops by REtechRadio

This past week Desiree Scales stopped by to sing a song for Brad Nix on REtechRadio.  She shared with Ken tips on proper etiquette for online marketing and how to use social media and other online platforms in an acceptable manner.  Swing by REtechRadio and listen in on her tips.