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Expanding text plugin for WordPress

I have been blogging since 2001 and I can say after using almost all of the major platforms back to my hand coding HTML days, WordPress is the best platform to be on. This plugin makes it even better. This WordPress plugin allows you to show some introductory text then, with a click, your visitors can see the entire text right on the same page. Check out the video demo then grab the plugin for yourself. As for the video demo, I recommend using “read more about Travis Country” rather than “read more”.

Put real estate info in your Facebook Fan Page

Interesting, I received an invitation on Facebook to beta test this Roost service a few weeks ago and just ignored it. I am all about interacting with people on Facebook but not really pimping real estate. However, this may be a good idea for a fan page. If you have a community fan page this is a way to have community real estate info on it. Here’s a more complete write-up.

Housing details delivered via augmented reality

I am blown away by how fast the mobile technology is progressing. Seems like we just came out with home searches, now this takes it to the next level. People can now stand on the sidewalk, peek at their iPhone, and visually see what homes are for sale and their details. Take a look at this very cool technology.