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Create your own customized short URLs

Branding is what we do right? Why not look at unique ways of branding your online presence as much as possible. Jay mentions a unique way to do just that, all you need is an URL and a Google Apps account. I set one up on mine to test it and found it was easy. Only took about 10 minutes, but really you need a short url to make it work. Here is what mine came out to be, In my opinion it is nice for branding, but maybe not short enough for a lot of tweets. What is your short url?

Realtor Facebook Fan Page strategy gains 4,000+ local fans in 12 days

7000 fans in 2 weeks. Dale is on fire! What he is doing with his Facebook Fan Page is amazing. It is a great idea that anyone with a little drive and determination could do easily.

Inside Google’s SEO Report Card

Wish you showed up a little better in Google and not sure why you don’t? Let Google tell you how to by watching them critique their own site. The interesting part is not the actual results of the finding, but in the very insightful discussion.