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Add instant visitor chat to your website

It’s smart online business to make it easy for your website visitors to get a hold of you, and it just got easier. EXIT Realty has added cool “chat” feature you can add to your website so, with just a click, visitors can reach out and start a conversation. I am in the process of redesigning my blog and this is one of the things I will be adding. It’s integration with email sets it apart from other online services.

Get on page 1 of Google… even for highly competitive search terms

The chances of me ranking highly on Google for “Phoenix real estate” is pretty slim. Both Jay Thompson and Matt Pellerin have been blogging that search term for over 5 years now. I accept that and it’s also why I look to the long-tail. However… with recent changes in Google I (and others like me) have hope. This video explains the why and how to get ranked for competitive terms.

Google makes Facebook fan pages even cooler

We have had many posts in this column about the importance of agents using Facebook. Recently, fan pages got even cooler. Google has started to index them in real-time. What does this mean and why should you care? This article has the low-down.