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Google Instant Previews

Google recently introduced a new feature called Google Instant Previews.  This new features shows you instantly a preview of a website before you even click on the link.  This way you can determine whether or not the site you are visiting is going to deliver the information you want or not.  What this means for your website is that it needs to be not only SEO Optimized anymore, but it also needs to be appealing to a consumer.

If your site is not attractive, the consumers are not going to click in anymore.  One great way to increase the appeal of your site is by adding good quality photos to each page of your website/blog.

Take it to the cloud!

With the increasing popularity of consumers using non Windows based computers, taking your real estate business into the cloud is becoming more and more of a reality.  Services like Dropbox, Google Docs, and Mozy make cloud computing easier each day.  Now you can share and store files on a server, create documents and spreadsheets that can be shared collaboratively with others.  You can even use these services to build a lead generation forms.  Add on a service like Mozy or Carbonite and you can now even back up your computer in the cloud.  Add on a social CRM and you can take your business to the cloud quickly and easily.

Hello New Facebook Profiles!

If you haven’t logged into Facebook in the past few days, you have missed something exciting that Facebook just released.  Facebook Profiles have had a major renovation including your most recently tagged photos showing up at the top of your profile.  A question that has already been asked, is this just the newest opportunity to spam people on Facebook?

REtechVideo interviews Matt Siltala

Matt Siltala of Dream Systems Media joins RETV to talk about why real estate blogs do not have more readers. If you want people to read your blog, write something worth reading says Matt.  Watch the Interview here.

Image Maps on REtechRadio

Have you ever wondered how you can add multiple links onto an image you have designed for a blog post, facebook page, or website?  Dean shares a great tool to help you create these quickly and easily for free.  Listen here.