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Make Free Calls With Your Verizon Smartphone

This is going to be a game changer. It is going to start on Verizon, but I am sure it won’t be to long before this is on most of the major carrier services. The winner here is Skype – a mostly free service that allows you to make VOIP phone calls to other computers and land lines. Now, you can have Skype on your smartphone. When word gets out that you can make free calls from your Verizon smartphone I predict the number of Skype users is going to explode. It is a killer product and I think about to get better with this roll out. Agents should start putting their Skype account on their business card, I know I would use it to call and check on availability. You can always find me @DeanOuellette on Skype.

Block Certain Facebook Friends From Seeing Your Wall Posts and Other Facebook Privacy Tips

As I’ve covered in previous issues of REtechToday Facebook is astonishing in it’s power to keep you in touch with your sphere of influence. So many people are on Facebook and spend so much time there, it is a resource we should all be using. But sometimes you may want to post something about your real estate business that your ex-girlfriends from high school are not going to care about. Here are some tips on posting to Facebook with better targeting .

How to Build a Niche Audience with Delicious and Tumblr

Lane Bailey is often doing cool things with his online presence. Here’s one to duplicate in your business. If you know Lane, you know he loves his cars. And he’s done something cool with Delicious — a large database of links to cool posts on classic cars that like minded people can find. He is developing a niche market with his Garage Homes USA site, and this is just another tool you can use to build your niche.