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Solutions for Social Networking Overload

Spend a lot of time managing your social networking? Don’t we all. Having a tool that can make that job easier is important. In this review the poster takes a look at Tweetdeck and Inbox2. Both of these are programs I have used and both have their strong suits. Personally I prefer a 3rd choice Hootsuite which is a similar program but is web based instead of a desktop client. This allows me to have my setup no matter what computer I am working on, as long as it has an Internet connection.

The Golden Age of Real Estate Search

Search is changing. With the amount of apps that now have geo tagging capabilities, a list that continues to grow, searching for houses for sale around you is going to become easier for both the consumer and the agent on the road. To see how things will be changing this year check out the links in the “Immersive video” section of this post.

Simply Easier Scheduling With MeetWith.Me

I had someone use this technology on me the other day to schedule a meeting. I was blown away by the simplicity and effectiveness. Check out this review then let me know how you think this could be used in your business.