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Can consumer reviews drive more business to you?

Consumer reviews have a huge impact on people’s buying decisions. Let’s face it, they’re great word-of-mouth. Many of us use Yelp to find out if a restaurant is any good or a dry cleaner got the stain out and many other services. Why not use it get reviews on your service? Check out this article for an genius way to make reviews work for you.

This you???? Phishing attack hits Twitter

Please don’t get phished. There is no quicker way for me to unfollow you on Twitter than for you to send me a DM that says something to the effect of ‘funny, is this you?’ Not sure if that DM you are logging into is a phishing scam or not? This quick video shows you an example of one. Basic rule of thumb, if you are logged into Twitter, and they are asking for your user name and password again, don’t give it to them.