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A new (better) way to connect your social sphere

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, RSS it can get overwhelming. Perhaps Gist can help. It’s a new tool discovered this weekend thanks to this post from Dustin. It actually offers a new paradigm for keeping tabs on your sphere… rather than updates sorted by timeline, they’re sorted by contact and those most important to you rise to the top. This can be a great tool for agents and I’ll be getting a review together for you soon.

Get Outloook features inside Gmail

As a techy agent, I use email a lot. And I prefer Gmail. There are two Gmail plugins I cannot live without, Remember the Milk for tasks and MailBrowser for contacts. If you are like most Gmail users you were once loyal to Outlook. Some of the same Outlook features you were used to such as adding note to contacts or scheduling an appointment with a contact are available right in Gmail thanks to MailBrowser. In this article, introduce yourself to this nifty plugin and see what it can do for you.