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The data on required vs voluntary sign-ups

The debate goes back and forth on whether or not you should force search registration or all it to be voluntary. Everyone has an opinion, of course, but statistical data determines the winner. Chime in on this post with your results.

For myself, I will admit when I first launched my real estate blog I did not require forced registration on my IDX. I had talked to some prominent leaders who said they did not require it and even my mom said not to do it because she would just find another place to search. about 9 months later I decided to try it, force registration after three searches or three house views. In my first week I honestly had more people sign up for searches than I had in my best month prior to that. I was sold, and I am happy to say it has not changed since then. But, let us hear of Chime in on this post with your results.your experience.

Does Google love you? Here’s how to find out…

Is your site structured to attract Google? Here’s a quick and easy way to find out how much Google likes your site. There are better programs out there, but this program is free and from my experience does a great job at giving you the down and dirty on your site. I use it at least once a month to make sure everything is good with my own site.

Claim your identity

Let’s face it, Google knows more about you than your parents, best friend, or even spouse. But just because they know everything about you does not mean you are making it as easy as possible to others to find out information. This post has good information that is going on my to-do list for today, make sure your Google Profile is complete.