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Which Social Network Is Right For You?

Overwhelmed by all the social networking sites? This post has a very interesting breakdown of Buzz, Twitter and Facebook and may make it easier to decide where you should be investing your social networking time.

Link Stealing: Good for Everyone

Who would have thought stealing links was such a good idea and could make everyone happy? This is why you need to hang around people who work for companies like Here’s how to get quick links back to your site, and help out those with broken ones.

Vital Steps to Launch Your Social Bookmarking Campaign

I have had Donald Trump’s blog in my reader for the last year of so and “The Donald” has never really been the go-to-guy for technology posts. Today that changes, well at least for this one post. In this post, Trump’s team takes a look at why social bookmarking should be a big part of your social marketing strategy from a business perspective.