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The real power behind hyper local content is…

Anyone who has spent much time blogging or talking to real estate bloggers knows the key to driving not just traffic but converting traffic to your site is hyper local content. Long tail is the key to being found on search engines. Talking about Phoenix real estate is unlikely to bring much conversion, but talking about Phoenix real estate on the Apache stop of the Phoenix light rail will have a much higher chance of converting when they find you. Think local, then when you think local, think one more step in local.

Do you need a foursquare social media strategy?

Foursquare is the hot thing in social media these days. I admit, I love it. But when I use it I am thinking about connecting with friends, not clients. While I think many are still trying to figure out how to use Foursquare as a tool in real estate, there is one thing to be concerned with: you need to remember if you are sending it to your other profiles, everyone, even prospective clients can see your moves. So think before you check in.