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Stamp your signature on all of your emails

With so much shiny, cool tech out there it’s easy to get distracted from ones that catch your eye. Patrick first told me about this technology a few months back and I forgot all about it. This reminds me, I need to get it! Wisestamp is a great way to add a signature to your Gmail, Hotmail or other email programs. The browser extension is very customizable as you can see in the examples. Check it out at the link.

An easy (and free) way to fill in those PDF forms

Want to be able to fill in a PDF with your keyboard, but don’t want to spend a small fortune on the upgraded Adobe PDF program? Here are a few programs that work. Another free PDF program I use is called Foxit Reader. Does the same thing, allows you to type directly on the PDF.

How to Create a Stand-out Blog and Engage Readers

Maybe you know you need a blog and looking for ideas on how to get it up and launch it. Maybe you already have one, but know it is due for a complete overhaul and relaunch. Either way Reggie has some good advice for anyone who takes blogging seriously.