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Google + Maps + Real Estate Search = No IDX Required

We are getting close, we are getting real close to not needing an IDX feed for our website. The only thing preventing it is Google does not have complete access to the MLS listings. Most listings are now advertised in enough locations where Google can find the information and index it. With all the indexable IDX solutions such as Diverse Solution and Homequest (more coming on this soon) Google can now see enough information where they can build a large database if they choose. Will there come a time soon where we do not need to pay for an IDX, but can just embed Google maps on your sites with listings?

Use Universal Search to Rocket Your Real Estate Business to the Front Page of Search Engines

Is it now harder or easier to be found on the front page of Google when a search is performed? Really that depends on what you are doing. While there may be more competition for certain key phrases, if you use a wide variety of media such as written posts, videos, social media etc, it may be easier to control the front page of Google.

5 Things Agents Must Do to Generate Leads Online – Farming Using Twitter

Do you use Twitter for business or fun? Can Twitter even be used realistically for business in real estate? The answer is yes, but you need to treat it like a business tool. If you were to develop a direct mail marketing campaign would you sit down, develop a mailer and then maybe a few weeks later sit down and develop another mailer without even considering what you had done before? I hope not, and Twitter or any marketing tool should not be used in that way either. This is a good post with good ideas, the only thing I wish he stressed more is engage locally, engage locally, engage locally.