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Facebook Overtaking Google in News Views?

Many agents wonder why they should be on Facebook. Who buys a house there? The short answer is, almost nobody does. But that does not mean you should not be there as an agent. With Facebook rocking traffic and trust the way it does make sure you stay visible there. Why not promote your latest post and drive traffic to your blog. We’re not talking about spamming, but one post a day on Facebook about your latest article will help to turn you into a trusted news source in your network.

5 Ways iPad Will Reinvent Real Estate for Agents in the Next 5 Years

As a gadget and real estate geek I was greatly excited about the launch of the iPad. I had all types of plans to revolutionize my business. I had already made the move to a complete paperless business in every way but one. I still printed out my MLS sheets when I went to show houses. The iPad was going to help that. But with the launch of the iPad I was greatly disappointed with many aspects, as are many of my fellow geeks.

Despite it’s shortcomings, one thing is clear, for those of us who like to be paperless, and like to use technology in everything we do, the tablet is going to be a game changer. In fact, if you haven’t given thought to how you can use technology, and how to transition a tech-centric business, then it’s time to explore what technology can really do for you.

Video Explosion Continues :: What Is YOUR Plan?

Video is tomorrow’s today’s Internet. The online explosion of video views shows no sign of slowing down and is quickly becoming a preferred way to consume content online. We all know Google is the king of Internet search, but did you know the second most site used for search is YouTube? In a world of multi-taskers it is much easier for someone to watch a video while doing something else than it is for them to read a blog post. Plus, video reaches a person through more senses than straight text. The old SEO line was “people are searching, can you be found?” Still holds true… can they find your videos?