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10 Tips for Getting Reacquainted with Facebook’s New Layout

Like it or not, and based on the comments I am hearing on Facebook and Twitter, most are not, the new Facebook is here. If you have not received your update yet, you will soon. I for one like the changes. I think many just hate change period. Well here are some quick tips to help you through the transition.

Is there a future in Flash?

It may not be as bad as it was in 2004, but many people still love to use Flash on their website to make it look “cool.” Remember what the main purpose of a website is, to distribute and collect information. More and more people are moving their web search to things like mobile devices and soon tablets. For them, oftentimes less is more.

A Frenzied 5 Creative Ways to Use A Tomato Blog to Demolish Your Market Competition

Everyone is telling you that you need a blog/website. So you put one up waiting for those readers and leads to start coming in, but nothing is happening. Here are five things you can do today to start driving more traffic. #1 on this list may be the most important and it is something this column will be focusing on a lot over the coming months.