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We’ve all heard it said by gurus: Google is Dead! SEO is dead! Well, Jason Crouch doesn’t quite believe so, and I would have to agree with his statements.  While Facebook is growing rapidly, I don’t see a death of search engines any time soon. Take a minute to read ALERT: Google and Facebook are NOT in an Epic Death Battle.

What’s More Dangerous than Texting While Driving?

Well, according to Jeff Turner that would be using Skype while driving.  Here’s a quick review of the updated Skype for iPhone app from Jeff as he was traveling around his home town. Moral of the story: Don’t Skype & Drive.

REtechVideo Interviews Rob Hahn on the Misuse of Social Media by Agents

This past week Dean had the pleasure of interviewing the Notorious R.O.B. Hahn where they discussed the use of social media by real estate agents.  They discuss the 7 year cycle of clients and what agents should be doing to foster this through social media. Watch the interview.

REtechRadio Rapid Fire

REtechRadio kicked off the new year as Dean & myself joined Ken for a rapid fire session where we talked about things we see coming for this year and what we think will be the trends for this year.  We also recapped things from 2010 and what we saw as the big moves for the year.  Listen here.