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I just finished reading through the list of wonderful speakers and schedule for this years event and I must admit, that I think this might just be the best REtechSouth conference ever! If you have not seen them go check out our list of great speakers and also the schedule of events.

Social Search Becoming More Important

This past week Google rolled out some new programs that will place more weight on the social search aspects.  They’ve been including them in search results, but always at the bottom of the page.  Now, those results will have the ability to rank in line with everything else.  To learn more, read this post on Changes in Social Search in Google.

Using Farming to Build Blog Traffic

So you have a blog and are wondering why there isn’t much traffic.  Here’s some great advice on how to grow an audience and increase traffic to your site.  Maybe you need to get back to the basics and start farming your blog?

What If There Was A Yelp Or Groupon For Real Estate?

What if there was a Yelp or Groupon for real estate?  A place where consumers could go and get special discounts from local carpenters and painters.  Buyers and sellers could read unbiased reviews before hiring someone?  Well Lani Rosales found an interesting site that might just fill this role.  Read more.

RETSO Video interviews Mr. 365

Dale Chumley, creator of 365 Things To Do In Vancouver came by RETSO Video to share about consistency in writing.  Dale just completed 365 days of daily writing about events and places in his local market.  Watch this video to learn some great tips on consistency.

See you all in 5 weeks!