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It’s a simple bit of advice but McDonald’s – the largest and most powerful fast food chain in the world – considers it the a main ingredient to their success.

And yes, this golden secret applies to your real estate marketing.

Think what you want about McDonald’s, there’s no denying they are the most ubiquitous and most powerful fast food company in the world.

While watching a recent documentary on the giant golden arches I picked up on what they consider they’re biggest secret to success.

Business is in the toilets

During the documentary the McD big cheese revealed that the most important element in all of their restaurants is not the fries…

It’s the bathrooms.

Seriously. And here’s the thinking on it…

If you journey into a restaurant’s bathroom you instinctively make a judgment call. If the bathroom is dirty, unkempt, and messy then the kitchen is probably just as bad. If the bathroom is clean and sparkly then so must be the kitchen.

If the bathroom is clean, then so is the kitchen, then so is the food.

The restroom reality of real estate

Relating this restroom reality to real estate…

What in your business do people use to make judgment calls?

To effectively manage people’s perceptions of you, that’s where you need to focus a majority of your energies

Is it …

  • the cleanliness of your car?
  • your website design?
  • your style of dress?
  • your manner of speech?

Do you pay enough attention to that area of your business? I bet you will now.

So, tell me, where do people make instinctive judgments about you?