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Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday we were finishing up RETSO 2010 and here we are only 6 weeks away from the best real estate technology conference in the south!  If you haven’t made your plans yet to attend this year, you better hurry and register, time is running out!  There is going to be all kinds of great activities during the event that I will be sharing more about over the next few weeks.

Mapping Consumer Actions

This week I wanted to share a quick post I wrote about tracking what actions consumers take on your site.  I shared five things I learned from running a clicktest on my personal site.  Some of the results were obvious, but a few things I learned really surprised me! See the results.

Facebook Changes Pages, What Does This Mean To You?

This past week Facebook launched the new & improved Facbeook Pages.  The gang over at Roost wrote a good post documenting all the recent changes.  My personal favorite is the ability to comment/share on profiles as your business page.  To learn more, check out the changes here.


This week Dean did a great interview with “The best real estate blogger you may not be reading.” Elizabeth Newlin of Real Estate Tangent.  After watching the interview and visiting her blog, I must admit, I have become a fan!

RETSO Radio Interviews April Groves

This week Ken interviewed April who is an Associate Broker with Lamar Smith Signature Real Estate. Leveraging the power of new technology with traditional business practices, April has birthed a practical business model that compliments any market.

See you all in 6 weeks!