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No doubt it’s a great feeling to send an email to your subscribers with a link to your home buyer’s workshop or other real estate event and you get a bunch of clicks. However, it’s another feeling entirely when all those clicks amount to only a couple of registrations.

It sucks but I know it happens. That’s where this lil’ tactic comes into play… so you can engage those curious clickers and convert them into action takers.

Quickly, in this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to use Aweber to segment your link clickers. It’s the service I use and recommend (my review).

So, you sent an email inviting your subscribers to your latest event. After all, face to face is where magic can happen. Unfortunately, folks clicked through to “learn more” but they didn’t register to attend.

The first step in converting those curious clickers into action takers is to segment them on your email list.

From your “Subscribers” page, use the “link clicked” criteria.


Then, in the data box select by which link you want to segment your subscribers.

The nice thing about segmenting these folks is that they were interested in your event and, out of all your subscribers, the most likely to attend. But, for one reason or another they didn’t take action. A little direct follow-up may be all that’s necessary to get them to sign-up and show-up.

One of the most common reasons folks fail to act is because unanswered questions kept them from moving forward. Check out this post on how to write a compelling FAQ email to relieve your subscriber’s anxiety and encourage the action step.

See, experience has taught me that folks don’t always take action no matter how much you want them too. Go figure 😉 However, by segmenting those most interested and targetting them with specific follow-up you can convert those folks.