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Google Places is a great way to garner some serious traffic to your site by simply setting up an account.  Daniel Beer wrote a great post explaining this over on GeekEstate Blog this past week.  Learn how to rank quickly using Google Places.

Building Relationships To Grow Your Business

Ever had someone sucker you in with the classic bait and switch tactic?  I had this happen to me the other day when a person emailed me through my site asking for more information about my services for his business.  After a few minutes on the phone, I knew exactly what was going on. Trying to pitch ideas to strangers doesn’t work. Read More

REtechRadio- Talking Real Estate Technology

This week Ken talked about various technologies and how they can be used for real estate.  Listen now.

REtechVideo- Installing Google Apps

Dean gives a great demonstration this week on how to set up Google Apps on your own domain. With this set up, you can now have your domain email set up to run through Google as well.  Learn Now.