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Crowdsourcing has become a popular term and chances are you do it quite a bit on Twitter. You send out a question or request trusting that someone out in the crowd has an answer, advice, or guidance.

You see this social dynamic on TV game shows, too. The contestant, stumped for the answer, turns to the cheering audience in the hopes they can guide him in making a good decision.

Let’s look at how you can use this same social dynamic to boost your lead gen efforts on your MLS search or other lead capture page.

The proof is social

This phenomenon is known as social proof and it occurs when individuals turn to the general wisdom of crowds to help them make a decision.

Customer reviews, testimonials, bestseller lists all help uncertain prospects convert into re-assured buyers.

All these other people think it’s a good idea. I think I’ll do it, too.

When it comes to converting more of your website visitors into subscribers or leads you can leverage the same psychological trigger that people use to make decisions every day. Not many Realtors (even those that are social media savvy) get this but now you do, StomperAgent.

Get subscribers with testimonials

Whenever you get feedback on your email newsletter you have a great opportunity to turn that one response into a conversation when you reply. Be sure to also get their permission to use their feedback and name as a testimonial for your newsletter sign-up.

I’m not sure if this newsletter is worth signing up for but according to these testimonials I probably should.

Use social proof in your copy

People like numbers and stats. They help us make sense of and define things. You can easily leverage this on your home search page…

Over 3,0000 home buyers have benefited using our comprehensive home search tool… join them.

Boy, if that many people have signed up for this tool then I probably should give it a try, too.

The power of quatitative widgets

Both Aweber and Feedburner give you a widget that dynamically displays your subscriber count. It’s just another way to show visitors that other people trust you and find value in what you offer.

If that many people are subscribed then there’s probably something here worthwhile. I’ll subscribe, too.

I can pretty much guarantee that there’s at least two places on your website that will benefit from using these tactics.

  • Home search sign-up
  • Email newsletter subscription
  • Download of a PDF or spreadsheet

What are your thoughts on this concept and what other places could you use it?