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Connecting with folks online isn’t difficult. Follow, Friend, and so forth and there ya go. It’s then a matter of being a cool person and interacting with them.

Not bad, if you’re looking to build a broad network without geographic boundaries but what if you want to rock a social network and still focus on folks in your local area … even people with specific interests in a particular target market?

Check out these social network tips and how-to video that will help you do just that. Quickly and easily…

How To Target Market Using Social Media

So you know Facebook has a boatload of users (actually, they have about 97 boatloads) and you want to connect with folks in your local area (let’s say Phoenix). You also want to target outdoor enthusiasts (target mnarketing).

Head over to your friend and mine – Google – and use the following search term: hiking phoenix

And here are the results that return…


Go ahead and connect with these folks… they’re you’re target market (outdoors people), in your local area (Phoenix), and are going to be more apt to use you over another Realtor (so long as you’re cool with them, build rapport, and don’t push your services).

Other social networks

[mediav url=””]

[download url=”” title=”Google Social Network Cheat-sheet”]

So, now that you can quickly find local folks with similar interests on your favorite social networks … what would be your next step in your social marketing plan?