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Tech Tuesday: Green Bay Greg talks about attracting buyers with video

Green Bay real estate agent Greg Dallaire talks about how he is using video to build a list and attract buyers with video.

Tech Tuesday: On Tuesdays we are going to talk to agents and others in the real estate business about how they are using technology in their business.

Dean Ouellette and Green Bay Greg both have one thing in common, they both use video to build their business. How Greg does it is completely different and unique. Greg has built a business in just 2.5 months of doing video tours of foreclosures where he has already sold 4 houses directly through his website.

Greg has some of the large REO agents in Green Bay who feed him listings when there is a good deal or a price reduction Greg then heads out to shoot a video and posts them on his website. Greg has an opt-in email system on his website to be notified when a new video is uploaded and that has been the magic bullet.

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