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Former NBA Orlando Magic Player Announced as Emcee of RETSO 2011.

Well, not really.  We have an awesome emcee for this years event, even though he isn’t an NBA superstar or Celebrity, he is still a well known and well respected person within the real estate community.  If you are wondering if you will see Dwight Howard at RETSO this year, let me just say that you won’t.  However, to find out who is the emcee this year, go see the announcement video.

Google Says Goodbye to Content Farms

Over the past 2 weeks Google has been making some major changes to their search results algorithms.  The biggest change is that scraper sites that used to rank well in the search results will quickly be dropping down in the rankings.  This means sites with quality unique content should rise.  Read More.

Pay Attention to Your True Brand

Jeff Turner gives us all a great lesson in branding.  Is your true brand an icon, or prop that you use?  Or is the true brand the actual person that is connected underneath that logo.  You may think your brand is stripes, bunny ears, or even a special logo, but that isn’t what defines your brand.  It is defined by the person behind those things. Read More.

RETSO Radio Interviews @MayaREguru

This week on RETSO Radio Maya Paveza, a speaker at this years RETSO 2011 event was interviewed by Ken.  She shared about tech tips that she finds useful in her daily business.

RETSO Video Talks With Roost

Derek Overbey of Roost stopped by RETV this week to share tips on how to use Facebook more effectively for your business.  His number one tip was to share more about the community and less about you.  Watch now.

Remember, we are less than one month away from RETSO!  Make sure you register now!