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When it comes to consistency there are very few in any line of work who can compete with Vancouver Washington real estate agent Dale Chumbley. Dale has been blogging on his Clark County Real Estate Guide website for three years. It was not until he launched his 365 Things To Do In Vancouver that his real estate blog took off.

The key to Chumbely’s success? Consistency. Since Dale launched the 365 things part of his website 236 days ago, he has yet to miss a day of posting. Dale is not new to consistency though, evidence of that can be found on his Daily Mug Shot.  Dale has posted a picture on Daily Mug Shot for over 800 days in a row, which at the time of this writing makes him the top poster ever.

Dale Chumbley says the only reason he has had such success with his blog is because of the consistency. Dale makes it a daily habbit to post a new entry on his website and his mugshow.