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I love my stats. Be it Google Analytics or AuthorityLabs or any other web analytics tools, I am usually checking my stats every night at 12:01am to see where people were coming from and going on a daily basis. Now I have a new tool I am completely in love with.

ClickTale easily installs onto your website or blog. With it, you will be able to see recorded sessions of users mouse movements on your site to see where they are going and what they are doing. Just imagine that for a minute…

  • Ever wonder what your clients are doing when they come to you site?
  • Do you have calls to action on your site?
  • Trying to collect visitor data?
  • Which forms are working and which ones are not?

You can record what they are doing and watch their every mouse move. Over time with enough recorded session ClickTale will create heatmaps so you can see the areas people are paying attention to and the areas where the customers just do not care to go.

ClickTale will allow you to see if people started filling and stopped at a certain location or were running into a user error message or maybe they are not even starting and you may need a better call to action.

Not all of these features are available on the free version of ClickTale, but if you want to take your Internet marketing seriously, I would suggest spending a few bucks to try it. Below is a video that highlights ClickTale.