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Words are a powerful force and as a Realtor you know better than most how the right ones can win you your next client. Now, just as importantly, if not more so, is the style in which your words are delivered. Specific and professional, relaxed and chummy, sharp or cordial.

A great agent knows how to flow between different styles as needed when face to face. Whether as a blog post, an email, or your next PDF giveaway the style of your words impacts your results just as much as your in-person encounters.

Generate rapport or inspire confidence, which does your writing do?

Two goals for every writing

See, when you write a blog post, article, or email you actually have two sets of goals.

Goal one revolves around getting your reader to take action, help them solve a problem, or keep them informed with your content. This one’s pretty obvious and clear when you’re thinking about what to write.

Goal two, however, is a bit more subtle (and persuasive) and has less to do with what you say than how you say it. The style in which you write determines how your readers will connect with you.

Why friend vs. stranger matters

Frankly, you can write two seperate articles on the exact same topic and have one article inspire confidence while the other builds rapport. The difference is in how you deliver the content – your style.

After all, your email to your best friend is written differently than the one you write to a stranger. An editorial is written differently than a thesis paper.

What’s the point of the conversation?

Before you write your next piece determine what kind of conversation you want to have with your reader and proceed from there.

When it comes to authority and confidence, demonstrate that you’re the expert by giving specific commands:

“Complete the form in it’s entirety.”

For rapport, be informal and chummy:

“Your hide probably gets chapped as much as mine come tax season.”

Boost rapport even more by aligning yourself with your reader:

“When tax season rolls around we all grumble at how much the government wants to take from us.”

Now, when you’re writing stick to one style or the other, don’t mix them. But, from one blog post to that next mixing is okay. In fact, it’s a smart move since one post will build authority while another develops rapport.

Killer content and connections

So, keep writing killer content. And, with this insight, you can be sure you’re generating the emotional connection you’re looking for.