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Some funkadelic for your listening pleasure…

The History of Photo Sharing–  In real estate, good quality images are crucial to our business.  Here is a great infographic that shows the history of photo sharing and how it has evolved over the past few years.

4 Web Must-Do’s for 2012– Joel shares 4 great tips that each person needs to really consider in regards to their website and how it works for consumers in the upcoming year.

“Just Do It”  Just Isn’t Enough–  Bill shares that signing up for a social network just isn’t enough anymore.  You can’t just do it anymore, you need to do it well.  If you aren’t going to do it well, you are probably better off not doing it at all.

Cheap Video Cameras Don’t Have To Have Cheap Sound–  Mike shares in this guest post that just because your video camera is inexpensive and doesn’t have the ability to connect an external microphone, it doesn’t mean your sound quality in your video must suffer.

I hope everyone has an awesome and amazing holiday!