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I get the chance to hear a lot of different ideas, plans, strategies and tactics for agents to bring in new real estate business. It’s clear that marketing drives success and you and I know it. So, when you have a marketing-focused business already how can you step things up to deliver even better results?

I’ve asked myself this maybe a million times and the answer always starts with these four steps to remarkably better marketing…

Step 1: Focus on fundamentals

There was a time when folks were fighting for homes and a line was formed at your car for you to help them get one. So long as you had a license and a pulse you were pretty much guaranteed business.

The problem buyers and sellers were having at that time? They just wanted in on the action, and they wanted in now.

As times change, though, the interests of buyers and sellers change, right? They don’t just want to buy or sell. Chances are they’re trying to achieve some goal through the purchase or sale.

This is when it pays to step back, take a deep breath, and answer a few questions about your business that will ultimately help folks realize why you’re different and better than another Realtor. Because, let’s face it, simply having a license isn’t enough to attract business.

  • What is unique about you or the way you conduct your business? Are you an expert in a certain type of transaction? Does your background enable you to better understand a certain market or demographic better than others?
  • Where has most of your business come from in the past? What’s business channels are working well at bringing in business? Are you investing your resources there in order to get more of that kind of business?
  • Does your current marketing reflect the current needs and interests of today’s market? Are you communicating what it is that makes you unique and better able to meet those needs?
  • Are up-to-date is your marketing plan? Does it reflect your current needs and goals? Are you tracking your efforts?

Now, I have to admit that I’ve done this for myself in the past and didn’t like my answers. However, these are the fundamentals of a solid busienss and the marketing the helps you thrive. I guarantee that if you invest a few minutes and answer these questions you’ll gain clearer insight into where to better focus your efforts for bigger gains.

Step 2: Listen to the market

What you thought were people’s hot buttons just a few months ago may not have any bearing on their decisions today. As times change so do people’s hearts and minds.

Okay, so how do you dicover what the new on the mind? By using the simplest method possible… you ask and listen.

You’re probably spending time on social media sites, right? Broadcast a question that will help get you the insight you’re looking for.

Response to a question such as “What’s your biggest question/concern about buying/selling a house today?” will get you some seriously killer insight into how to make your marketing more effective at reaching people in today’s times.

Your website, your blog posts, your newsletter, tweets, and conversations can now reflect these insights and build upon the strengths you found in Step 1.

Step 3. Be their champion

When folks said they weren’t buying cars because they didn’t know if they’d be able to continue to afford the payments, Hyundai announced it’s “Assurance Program”. The program basically allows buyers to walk away from the loan if they lost their income within a year of buying the car.

Does this sound like a typical car company move? Heck, does it sound like a typical move in any industry? Definitely not. But, Hyundai listened to their market and became their champion by saying “don’t worry, we’re with you.”

Taking into consideration the the insight you gained from Step 2, how can you alleviate concerns and be a champion for your market?

Step 4: Get a message, get involved

There’s no question that we’re in the social media age so it makes sense to invest more of your resources connecting with and empowering influencers in your market… both online and offline.

  • Do influencers know what makes you unique?
  • Do influencers know you care about and understand people’s concerns?
  • Do influencers know how you’re championing people’s cause?

Where folks make a mistake is when they jump into social media as a means to “connect”. Unfortunately, they do this without any message to offer folks. Social media, as is any marketing, is all about “the message” and without one then you won’t be expanding your network in a way that brings business in.

There are plenty of places to connect with influencers offline, as well. At club meetings, events, networking gatherings, associations, etc. And when you’re there face to face, you want your message to be clear so that folks can pass it on through their networks.

Clearly, your message is critical no matter where or how you market. It’s what makes you stand out and attracts peopel to you.

Want remarkably better marketing? Make sure what you say and do meets your market’s needs and interests, and thet folks know about it.

What are you doing to meet your market’s needs and interests that’d different from other Realtors?