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30 Questions To Make Next Year Rock- Travis Robertson offers up a great list of questions to ask yourself as you prepare for the new year.  By answering these questions honestly, you can start planning for a very successful 2012.

Customizing The New YouTube Design- YouTube launched a new design and many are having issues with how to set things up.  One of the major problems people are facing is the ability to direct traffic to their videos instead of the feed. This quick tutorial should answer any questions as well as help you set up your new YouTube channel.

Word of Mouth- Via Twitter– Jay Thompson shares on the value to using social networks like Twitter for your business.  Is it a must have tool that everyone should use?  Probably not, but if you use it properly those that you interact with on social networks are more willing to recommend you openly.

Getting Better Analytics Of Your Site– Many times I hear people say that they are getting so many hits to their website each month.  But, they normally forget to remove their own computer from the equation to get a more accurate reading.  Here’s a quick walkthrough from Ken Cook on how to remove you from the equation.

RETSO 5.0 will be here before you know it!  This year is going to be bigger & better than any other year.  Right now there is a super special deal on tickets for the first 50 who register.  Head on over & register now for the biggest savings possible!