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When a Realtor gives me a webpage or email to write the copy for, they usually let me know “I just wasn’t sure how or what to say.”

Now, while I think this may be true for some I do know the hardest part of writing good copy is simply sitting down to do it. So, here are three different methods to help you sit down and write that copy.

Whether you want your reader to register for your home search, enter their email to download a PDF report, or just subscribe to your newsletter, these methods will help.

1. The “Headline First” Method

This is still how I approach most copywriting projects, with a list of at least ten potential headlines.

Admittedly, most of these don’t turn out great and that’s okay. Writing a collection of headlines first helps solidify my angle or overall hook of how I’m going to present the information. I always come back to attack the headline again once everythign else is written.

So, get that inital list of headlines written so you have your hook. From there I move on and craft a compelling first paragraph, something to hook folks even more; write a story around the information; give a few credibility boosters; give a reason to act; tell them to act.

Once that’s all done I return to the headline because, after having written the story of the headline, I usually have a sharper idea of what the headlien should be or how to better clarify it.

2. The “Back to Front” Method

Sometimes the headline can be an intimidating place to start. “How do I boil it all down into one persuasive sentence?”

If you’d rather put off the headline until later, this method is for you. And, frankly, it really helps you get crystal clear on what you’re really offering.

You know what you want your reader to do: click a link, enter their email address, etc. But, there needs to be a compelling reason why. Start there.

Write why it’s in their best interest to take that step. Tell them how they’ll be better off once they do. What will they receive?

That’s your offer.

See, many times it’s easy to get caught up telling people to act without giving them a compelling reason why. So, start there.

3. The “Sniper” Method

This is a fun method that allows you to uncover all the benefits that are associated with your offer. Like a sniper marksman, you fire a bullet at one benefit and then fire at the next.

By “bullet” I mean “bullet points”. These are where you tease your reader and hint at each little aspect – every benefit, no matter how obscure – your reader will receive once they take action.

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I like to write bullets first because it really forces me to look at all the benefits – all the aspects – of the offer I’m asking the reader to take action on.

Whether you’re asking your reader to register for home search or download a PDF report, starting with with the bullet points makes sure you can give them a compelling reason why.

Besides, these bullets can often become your headline or a sub-headline. Heck, sometimes I’ve gone and elaborated on the bullets, wrapped an opening and closing paragraph around them, and was done.

Which Method Is Best?

Frankly, there’s no right or wrong method. Whichever one gets it done for you is how to proceed. Sometimes one method isn’t working for me so I switch to a different one and it’s smooth from there.

Try each method and see which works best for you.