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I‘ll admit that creating good, compelling content can be challenging but, when armed with a small dose or preparation, it’s a heckuva lot easier than filling out a contract.

These are a few of the tricks and ideas I keep up my sleeve that help me whenever I sit down to write. Use these on your next few blog posts. (the first one is entirely optional but highly recommended)

Okay, so the first big tip is what I call “mental lubrication” and it’s most needed when I’m getting in my own way of writing something good. Since I’m an analytical guy I have a tendency to edit, double-think or question my writing as I go. It can be a debilitating thing so that when I reach for a bottle of “mental lubrication” … and by that I mean a beer. Newcastle, preferrably 🙂

Kick-start with questions

Now, as far as coming up with something engaging and helpful to write about I do a bit of poking and prodding on my mind. Which means, I ask a lot of questions. Here are ten sets of questions that will help you churn out a page full of ideas for your blog.

  1. What’s a burning question new clients always ask me? What can I write down in a post so it becomes a resource for them?
  2. What’s a currently hot news item? What can I say about it that relates to the industry, home ownership, personal finance, or lifestyle?
  3. What do I not like about the industry or home buying/selling process? Do I have a solution or alternative?
  4. What have I read lately that was eye-opening or inspiring? What insights can I add?
  5. What other industries have gone through what real estate is currently experiencing? What are the similarities?
  6. What has the potential of harming my market in the coming months? How can it be avoided?
  7. What can I say that makes me more approachable so that my market is comfortable contacting me?
  8. What tools would help your readers accomplish their goals easier, faster, better?
  9. What challenges are my readers facing? What can I say to help them?

Once you’ve gone through this list, return to the first big tip up there and get crackin’ 🙂

What are some other questions you’d add to this list of questions. Or, how do you grease the mental skids so that you relax enought o write?