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RETSO Matthew Shadbolt

RETSO Radio: Shadbolt on Slacktivism

Matthew Shadbolt shares his purpose and insight for authoring the highly commented and in depth article: “Slacktivism” What it Really Takes to Raise the Bar.…

RETSO Radio: Jeff Corbett

Jeff Corbett, aka JeffX, recently penned Shift Happens: A Case for an Open Source MLS to a bit of commotion. Listen in as he verbalizes…


RETSO Radio: Austin Allison

Austin Allison and DotLoop have been prominent fixtures at RETSO since 1.0 and this year is no different. What drives Austin to do what he…


RETSO Radio: Bill Lublin

I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing RETSO favorite Bill Lublin. Bill is CEO of the Social Media Marketing Institute, CEO of Century 21…

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